Part I: Oh Rose, Thou Art Sick

Poems of distress and confusion written by poets struggling to come to terms with the onset of illness.
By accepting the reality of our illness, we can move beyond symptoms and pains to discover
new resources of courage and hope. (Selected titles are links to the poem texts.)

William Blake     The Sick Rose

Catie Jenkins     Please Don’t

Alison Tavendale     Fraudulent

Sharon Brogan     Fibromyalgia

A Mary F Robinson     Neurasthenia 

Jane Cave    from The Head-Ache, or An Ode to Health (migraine)

Carole Satyamurti     from Changing the Subject (cancer)

Jan Williams      Loss

Emily Dickinson     There is a pain – so utter

Elizabeth Jennings     Pain

W E Henley     Vigil

Emily Dickinson     I felt a cleavage in my mind

John Clare     I Am

Gerda Mayer     The Man on the Desert Island

David Lees     Written in Sickness

Chidiock Tichborne     Elegy for Himself

Ivor Gurney     To God (mental illness)

Frances Cornford     The Watch

William Shakespeare     Oh that this too too solid Flesh would melt

Mary McCarthy     Lupus

Gwyneth Lewis     Angel of Depression

Po Chu-ï     Winter Night

Jane Kenyon     Now Where?

William Blake     The Divine Image

William J O’Malley     Lord, I am tangled in a net of confusion and doubts

William J O’Malley     By the rivers of Babylon

John Fletcher     Weep no more


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Through Corridors of Light

Poems of Consolation in Time of Illness

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